CM-100 High speed tissue grinder

High Speed tissue grinder

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Japanese CM-100 High Speed concussion grinder patented design biased core type shock mode, the sample can be easily ground in a short time, and having a pass into the circulating water through the liquid nitrogen temperature or function, is a multi-shock function mill


  •  The patented design of the partial core type shock mode, vibration speeds up to 4000rpm / min 
  • System is small, does not occupy space and having a pass into the circulating water temperature control or pass into the liquid nitrogen function 
  • With five segments set grinding time function 
  • You can place up eight 2ml eppendorf vial 
  • For grinding animal tissues, plants, and other types of cereals and mineral samples 
[Vibration Speed]: 1500,2000,2500,3000,3500,4000rpm
[Dimension]: 230×300×270mm
[Weight]: 10Kg
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