FEX Modulized Confocal Raman Spectrophotometer

Three Exciataion Laser, Full Motorized, Variable Pinhole

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FEX, Confocal Raman Microscopy Spectrometer is a highly flexible, highly modulized, fully automated Raman spectroscopy system designed by NOST. FEX can be equipped with an upright microscope or an inverted microscope. According to the research requirements, one can consider and combin many functions into FEX Raman sysetem. NOST designed many useful options, and most extensive combination for various experiments and researches. For example, multiple laser wavelength options (375nm, 405nm diode laser, 488nm, 514nm argon laser, 532nm DPSS laser, 633nm laser, 785nm diode laser), detector, special stage (Piezo, EL Probe) can be selected. Even the low temperature cryostate option, (4K - 10K) is also available.

FEX allows users to choose multiple excitation laser to be installed. Up to three different lasers can be installed in FEX Raman spectrometer for Raman or photo-excitation fluorescent operation. (it can also accept maximum four laser by customization service) The laser wavelenght can be switched by software via automatic motors. Besides, the grating is designed with a special mechanism, which allows users to swith the grating without help from NOST nor ACTTR. FEX has its auto positioning, and auto calibrating design for the exchange. The exchange of grating can be finished within 1 minute.

In a conventional Raman spectrometer, it is typically designed with a Czemy-Turner spectrograph. In NOST's FEX Confocal Raman Microscopy Spectrometer, the spectrograph has greatly improvment and avoids the weakness of the Czemy-Turner spectrograph. The aberration issue is grately removed in the entire wavelength range. FEX minimized aberration problems, and significantly improved luminous flux and resolution. So, in the low-light optical analysis of general Raman spectroscopy, FEX's spectrographs brought to you excellent optical performance. From the measured results in the following figure, the benefit of the spectrometer design of FEX can be clearly seen.

The astigmatism, comet aberration, and spherical aberration of the CCD pixel center and edge are greatly suppressed. (The RMS <10 μm for the spot diameter on all pixels).

In addition, the adjustable confocal pinhole allows the user to adjust the pinhole from 30um to 50um in tiny steps of 10um. One can obtain the best confocal length (optimized 1AU) and get the best resolution along the XY axis, and the best spatial resolution on Z axis.

In addition, with the MOS2 high-speed Raman mapping stage, the user can operate mapping with fast scanning and it can be performed over a large area (75mm x 50mm). With the fastest configuration, averaging of each point, Raman spectroscopy takes only about 10ms, which is 100 points per second.


  • Aberration corrected spectrograph 
  • On-axis interchangeable grating turret for grating exchange. 
  • Motorized variable Confocal pinhole 
  • Laser power controller, with 11 steps adjustable 
  • Motorized laser filter selector 
  • Supports both upright or inverted microscopes. 

Order Information

FEX Confocal Raman
Excitation Laser PL: 325nm, 375nm, 405nm (User can also connect an external laser)
Raman/PL: 488nm, 514.5nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm
Number of Laser Standard: Single, Maximum 3 lasers, 4 laser system by customization
Detector TE-cooled CCD, 1024 x 255 pixel
Sensitivity Resolved Si 2nd order @ exposure time < 100us
Adjustable Grating 1800gr/mm & 600gr/mm (Or other spec. available)
Spectral Range 300nm - 1050nm, 500cm-1 to 2930cm-1 @1200gr/mm
Raman Shift 80cm-1 - 4000cm-1@532nm
Spectral Resolution 1.5cm-1 per CCD pixel @ 1800gr/mm
2.3cm-1 per CCD pixel @1200gr/mm
Spatial Resolution <0.5µm with optimized 100X objective lens @532nm laser
ND Filter 11 steps adjustable ND filter for laser power
Motorized Pinhole
30um to 50um with step of 10um
Laser Filter
3 laser filter selector
Acquisition: EzScan Analysis: SpectroLab
Dimension (WxDxH) 480 x 470 x 160mm
Power 100-250VAC, 48-63Hz, 3A max


High Speed Stage, 75 x 50mm 1um resulation

Piezo Stage

Cryostat (4K -10K)


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