ALTAS Automatic Press

ATLAS Automatic Press

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The Atlas™ Auto Presses 8T, 15T, 25T & 40T are programmable, microprocessor controlled, power assisted hydraulic presses, operating to 8 Tons, 15 tons, 25 Tons and 40 Tons respectively. They have been designed for a wide variety of pressing applications including XRF and IR sample preparation.


Programmable microprocessor controlled pressure application and release

Simple user operation procedures via symbols and prompts

Maintain load applied from automatic “top up”

Graphics display with LED backlight control

End of cycle alarm or indication

Integral high clarity PETG safety guards Fully CE marked

Fully compatible with Specac sample preparation accessories

[Top Bolster Diameter]: 32mm
[Top Lead Screw Vertical travel]: 90mm
[Top Lead Screw Vertical travel]: 80mm (40T)
[Ram (Piston) Bolster Diameter]: 82mm
[Ram (Piston) Stroke]: 24mm
[Ram (Piston) Stroke]: 38mm (40T)
[Max/Min Pressing Faces Dist.]: 155mm - 40mm
[Max/Min Pressing Faces Dist.]: 140mm - 60mm (40T)
[Sample Area (Dia. x Hgt)]: 220mm x 155m
[Sample Area (Dia. x Hgt)]: 240mm x 220mm (40T)
[Base Footprint (W x D)]: 425mm x 405mm
[Base Footprint (W x D)]: 430mm x 405mm (40T)
[Height (without lead screw)]: 500mm
[Height (without lead screw)]: 550mm (40T)
[Height (Lead screw at min. & max.
distances between pressing faces)]: 545mm - 640mm
[Height (Lead Screw at min. & max. (40T)
distances between pressing faces)]: 580mm -660mm
[Oil Type Tellus]: 37
[Oil Reservoir Capacity]: 0.8 litres & 1litre (40T)
[Weight]: 95Kg & 130Kg (40T)
[Communication Type]: USB
[Display Units]: Tons, Tonnes, US Tons
[Hold Times]: 0.1 to 99 minutes and infinity
[Optimised Release Rates]: Fast, Medium, Slow
[Stored Programs ]: 6
[Maximum Program Segments]: 10
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