Laser Diffraction and Automated Imaging Particle Size Analyzer

Laser Diffraction & Microscope Imaging Combination

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Seamlessly combined laser diffraction and automated imaging into one system, Bettersizer S3 Plus can not only achieve a wide test range from 0.01 to 3500μm, but also provide reliable particle size distribution and particle shape information simultaneously. The combination of our innovative Dual lenses & oblique incidence optical system (DLOIS), auto refractive index measurement, and smart operation functions provide the most accurate, high-resolution, high sensitivity, excellence repeatability, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Bettersizer S3 Plus you can ever imagine possible.


  • Measuring range: 
  1. Particle size from 0.01μm to 3500μm 
  2. Particle shape from 4μm to 3500μm 

  •  Unique Dual Lens & Oblique Incidence Optical System(DLOIS): eliminates the fitting error of double beam system, enlarges detection angle (0.02 to 165 degree) and assures high sensitivity, resolution, and accuracy. 
  •   Automated Imaging analysis to provide particle shape information, especially useful for coarse particles; plus the ability to correlate particle size and shape analysis. 
  •  Auto refractive index measurement: ability to pre-determine the optical parameters of materials that will closer match the true value of the sample, enhancing the accuracy of the measurements of materials with unknown refractive index. 
  •  Fully automatic operation minimizes workload as well as operation error. 
  •  Measuring results of size and shape display in real time, rapidly track result changes with user-defined parameters. 

[Theory]: Laser diffraction+dynamic image
[Size Range]: 0.01~3500um/4~2500um
[Accuracy]: ≦0.5%(GBRM D50)
[Repeatability]: ≦0.5%(GBRM D50)
[Resolution ratio]: Single peak,double peak,multi-peak
[Green light source]: Max.5mW, DPSSL pumping 532nm
[White light source]: Parallel homogenization light source, image light
[Effective focal length]: 223mm, image focel length 110mm
[Angular detetion]: 0.02-165degree
[Wet dispersion]: Standard configuration
[Water capacity]: 600ml
[Dimension]: 820x610x290mm(LxWxH)
[Weight]: 48Kg
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