Particle Size Analyzer

Laser Diffraction is the most effective and fastest particle size measurement method, which is widely used in the modern technology. The principle of a laser particle size analyzer is based on the theory scattering of the laser beam. (Mie Scattering. That is, the greater the particle size, the more of the light is scattered in the forward direction.) Then, by measuring the amount of laser scattering with statistical calculations, one can obtain the particle size of the tested sample .

Of course, the design of a real particle size analyzer is much more complex than the above basic principles. In addition to the dispersion of particles before the measurement, the design of a particle analyzer has to combine other measurement techniques, in order to make the result to be closer to the real value. ACTTR Technology brought to you world's most advanced commercial particle size analysis instrument, as well as the highest price/performance ratio. The series of products allows you to obtain a powerful and affordable particle size analyzer, and give you a powerful tool in your research or quality management purpose.

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