AKTS Thermokinetics

Advanced Kinetics and Technology Analyzing Software

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The main goal of AKTS-Thermokinetics Software Package is to facilitate kinetic analysis of DSC, DTA, TGA, EGA (TG-MS, TG-FTIR) data for the study of the thermal behaviour of raw materials and products within the scope of research, development and quality assurance.

The software provides a means to infer additional characteristics and thermal properties of examined substances based on conventional thermoanalytical measurements. The procedure begins with the determination of the kinetic parameters for a given substance. These parameters are then used to predict reaction progress under various temperature ranges and modes. In certain cases, the direct investigation of some reactions would be very difficult at low temperatures (requiring very long scanning times), as well as under complex temperature profiles. Using AKTS-Thermokinetics Software, the rate and the progress of the reactions can be predicted for the variety of temperature profiles such as: isothermal, non-isothermal, stepwise, modulated temperature or periodic temperature variations, rapid temperature increase (temperature shock) and real atmospheric temperature profiles (up to 7000 climates).

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