SeebeckPro Seebeck Coefficient Analyzer

SeebeckPro Seebeck coefficient analyzer

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SETARAM SeebeckPro is a Seebeck coefficient & electric resistivity / conductivity analyzer. It is designed for measuring Seebeck coefficient of a material. The result is a series of thermoelectric voltage in response to a temperature difference applied on the material. The thermal power has units of (V/K). 

Not only the Seebeck coefficient, SeebeckPro can also measure the electrical resistance and conductance, and accepts different forms of the sample, such as cylindrical, rectangular, sheet, film and so on. Further more, the furnace has three different types with different temperature ranges can be selected.


  • Suitable for a various of thermoelectric materials such as: Bi2Te3 / Sb2Te3, PbTe, SiGe, CoSb3, Zn4Sb3, metal silicide (such as β-FeSi2, MnSi2, CrSi2 etc.), NaCo2O4 series of oxide thermoelectric materials measurement
  • Thermoelectric materials in the waste heat recovery (heat automotive, industrial waste heat ....)
  • No compressor type electrical products

Ordering Information

SeebeckPro Seebeck Coefficient & Electric Resistance Analyzer

[Temperature Range]: -100 ° C up to 500 ° C; RT up to 800 ° C or 1150 ° C (optional)
[Heating Rate]: 0.01 -100 / 300K / min
[Temperature Accuracy]: +/- 0.5K
[Measurement Method]: Seebeck coefficient, static DC
[Resistance]: four-terminal method
[Measuring range]: Seebeck coefficient, 0.5μV / K-25V / K; Resistance, 0.2μOhm-2.5KOhm; Conductance, 0.00025S / cm -150000 S / cm
[Resolution]: Seebeck, 10nV / K; Resistivity, 10n Ohm
[Accuracy]: Seebeck, 7%; Conductance, 7%
[Reproduction]: Seebeck, 3%; Conductance, 3%
[Current]: 0 to 160 mA
[Atmosphere]: He, oxidation, reduction, vacuum
[Vacuum Degree]: 10E-3 mbar
[Sample Size]: diameter, 2 to 4 mm; length, 6 to 22mm
[Round sample]: Ø 10-12.7-25.4mm
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