uRaman-M Raman Spectrometer Module Series

uRaman-M Raman Spectrometer Module Series

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uRaman-M Raman Spectrometer Module series, is an instrument designed for laboratory and, researchers. Due to the compact & simple mechanical design, uRaman-M is not only easy-to-use, but compatible to most of the brands of optical microscope, such as Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Carl Zeiss. So, users can upgrade the existed upright microscope to a Raman microscope immediately, and perform more different kinds of research projects. Besides, it can be attached onto a fluorescence microscopy, and keeping the same performance as origin. Or you can also stack two or three uRaman-M to proceed dual or triple wavelength measurement by different laser sources.

Differentiate from the other vendors, uRaman perfectly fits to the microscope and combines the equipment to be a unified part, in order to greatly reduce the external optic paths and avoid the noises or interference signals. That’s the reason of the confidence to offer a better warranty conditions than many other brands. Besides, due to the light & compact design, you can move this precise instrument to the field, where is closer to your research, and start the operation - even out of the laboratory! Because, even in those environments where have no electricity, it doesn't matter. As long as a most common 5V mobile power supply, you will be able to power on all the uRaman functions, and start your research works, and record the data onto your laptop PC!

uRaman-M Raman Spectrometer Module series designed with high sensitivity linear array detector, and there are 3 different models with 3 different wavelengh of laser source, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm. On uRaman-M, there is laser power attenuation, as well as the laser safety lock. You can adjust the intensity of laser beam or turn on/off the laser accordingly.


  • Compact, rugged, the thickness only has 6.35 cm (TE cooled version has 8.55 cm)
  • High sensitivity linear array detector
  • Adjustable laser power, and <1um laser beam spot size
  • Optional Raman chemical mapping accessories and software
  • Optional TE cooled detector (please refer to the Order Informant)
  • Optional SERS accessories


  • SERS Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomediccal
  • Agriculture
  • Semiconductor, Film
  • Gemology
  • Crime Scene
  • Textile, Fiber

Order Information

  • uRaman-532-M, 532nm 70mW laser; Detector non-cooled
  • uRaman-633-M, 633nm 70mW laser; Detector non-cooled
  • uRaman-785-M, 785nm 100mW laser; Detector non-cooled
  • uRaman-532TEC-M, 532nm 70mW laser;TE cooled detector (call for details)
  • uRaman-633TEC-M, 633nm 70mW laser;TE cooled detector, 3 models (call for details)
  • uRaman-785TEC-M, 785nm 100mW laser;TE cooled detector, 3 models (call for details)

The below features will need customization, please call for details:

  • uR-MAP, Raman mapping upgrade HW(Motorized XY Stage 75x50mm travel with 50nm resolution, <1um repeatability), SW (uSoft-MAP)。
    It may need customization with the non-Nikon-Ci microscope.
  • uR-POL, Polarization Raman upgrade service.
  • uR-FIBER, External excitation laser upgrade.
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