Prism Confocal Raman Spectrometer

Dual Excitation Laser, Full Motorized Automation

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Prism Confocal Microscope Raman System is a high performance, fully automated, highly integrated Raman spectrometer system designed by NOST Optical Instruments. In its optical system, due to the very few moving parts, Prism reduced the optical uncertainty to minimum, as well as the calibration efforts. All optical positioning and calibration has been set up before shipment, so that users & research can work immediately after open the package. Prism is deliverd along with the acquisition and analysis software, in which allows you to test the sampels with highly friendly and powerful software environment.

Traditional Raman spectrometers are typically equipped with Czemy-Turner spectrograph. The disadvantage of a Czemy-Turner is its aberration issue. In the spectrograph design of NOST's PRISM Confocal Raman Microscopy Raman spectrometer, the aberration issue is greatly improved. The aberration issue is greatfully reduced, and the throughput and resolution are significantly increased. In the low-light optical analysis of the Raman spectroscopy applications, PRISM brought to you the excellent optical performance. The below figure shows the obvious improvement in astigmatism, coma and spherical aberration(The RMS of the spot <10 μm on all pixels along the entire wavelength range).

Spectrograph Prism

Regarding to the other optical designs in Prism Confocal Microscope Raman spectrometer, such as interchangeable grating turret grating, motorized laser ND filter, optimized image contrast display, can greatly reduce aberrations, remove rayleigh scattering purify the beam, and increase SNR and OD.


The EzScan spectrometer operating software features include:

Instrument Control (Full Auto)

Correction (automatic, manual)

Spectral capture

Optical image observation

2D scan mapping (Mapping)

Spectral and Image Data Management

Spectral scanning

SpectoLab Spectral Analysis Software

Single spectrum analysis

Two-dimensional mapping analysis

ROI analysis

Automatic baseline correction


On-axis Interchangeable Grating Turret

TE cooled CCD

Laser Power Controller

Variable Motorized Slit

Built-in Laser and Coupler

Integrating all set into single frame

Prism Product Features


Battery, Semiconductor wafers, Optoelectronics, Polymers, and other high-tech nanomaterials. Life sciences, Biomedical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Drugs, Food, Jewelry, Minerals, and related authenticity & quality analysis.

Order Information

Prism Confocal Raman
Excitation Laser Option PL: 375nm, 405nm
Raman/PL: 532nm, 633nm, 785nm
Number of Excitation Lasers Standard: Single, Optional: Dual
Detector TE-cooled CCD, 1024 x 255 pixel
Interchangeable Gratings 1800gr/mm & 600gr/mm (also other options for selection)
Spectral Range 185nm - 2400nm
Raman Shift Range 80cm-1 - 4000cm-1@532nm Excitation Laser
Spectral Resolution Average 1.55cm-1 per CCD pixel with 1800gr grating
Spectral Repeatability +/- 0.05nm
Spatial Resolution <0.5µm with optimized 100X objective lens @532nm laser
Motorized ND Filter
11 steps adjustable for controlling laser power by software
Motorized Slit
10 um to 1000 um per 10 um step
Acquisition: EzScan Analysis: SpectroLab
Dimension (WxDxH) 360 x 690 x 400mm
Power 100-250VAC, 48-63Hz, 3A max


MOS2 Fast Raman Mapping Stage (X Y Z Axis)

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