LC-5520 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph HPLC

LC-5520 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)

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Based on the solid and durable design of the LC-5510 pump, the LC-5520 pump features an improved pump drive system. This improvement results in a smoother transition between the two pump drivers during the infusion process.


  • Without using a pulse buffering device, we can achieve a pressure fluctuation of < 0.4%. With a pulse buffer the pressure fluctuation can be reduced to < 0.015%. 
  • The maximum flow rate of the LC-5520 pump is 50 mL/min. This flow rate can meet the user's various HPLC application requirements, using anything from a micro flow column to a semi-preparative column. 
  • Column oven temperature control uses Peltier heating devices, which allows for precise temperature control in the 4 - 80 ℃ temperature range. 
  • Features a unique refractive index suppression technology, which when used in conjunction with a long 40mm optical path cell, greatly improves the detection sensitivity, and reduces the dynamic noise.


Composition Analysis

Fat-soluble vitamins: cholesterol (steroids), lipid (lipids) analysis.

Water-soluble vitamins: hydrocarbons, acids analysis.

NA Ethnic analysis: nucleic acid (nucleic acids), nucleosides (nucleotides), RNA / DNA.

Protein: amino acids, wins brachial (peptides).

Clinical drug monitoring




Anesthetic agent


Environmental Monitoring: Environment of amino formate pesticides

Industrial process control

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