AA-7020 AAS Series

AA-7020 Single Beam Graphite Furnace AAS Series.

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AA-7020 series has unique suspension design for the optical system. Shaking of the instrument bench or change of the environmental temperature will have no effect on the instrument's stability.
It is built with 1800 lines/mm diffraction grating, which increases resolution and energy efficiency. Besides, the excellent deuterium lamp background reduction function, and self-absorption background reduction allows for more accurate calibration.
In addition, AA-7020 features an integrated flame and graphite furnace design that contains the optical system, atomizer, graphite furnace power supply and electronics all in one unit. It is a leading design in the compact type AAS instrument in the world.


Safe operation
Safe and reliable control alarm devices used to ensure over-current protection for hollow cathode lamps, insufficient pressure protection for combustion gas/protection gas, leakage alarm of combustion gas, and over-heating protection for the graphite furnace.

Various accessory for all kinds of experiments
Available accessories include a hydride generator, an auto sampler, and a nitrous oxide acetylene gas system, all of which help to further expand the range of applications the AA-7020 is suitable for.

Well-designed mechanism
Enhanced auxiliary gas functionality, all-titanium constructed burner head with automated height adjustment, and automatic liquid trap protection.


Metallurgy, petrochemical, geology, medicine, the environment, scientific research, agriculture (soil), medicines, food, materials science, commodity inspection, and other applications. AA-7020 can analyze up to 70 species in trace element analysis and trace amounts, AA-7020 can be the major instrument in your lab.

Order Information

AA-7020 Standard, include both flame furnace and graphite furnace, single beam. And build-in six-lamp automatic turret for auto measurement.
AA-7020 Enhanced, include all the equipment of AA-7020 Standard, and the nitrous oxide supplier included.
AA-7020 Economic, equipped the flame furnace only and save your cost.

Do to the various combinations, please contact to ACTTR for more details.
Optical System
[Wavelength Range]: 190 nm-900nm
[Bandwidth]: 0.1、0.2、0.4、1.0、2.0 nm 5 steps auto switch
[Monochromator]: C-T grating monochromator
[Wavelength Accuracy]: ±0.1nm
[Repeatability]: <=0.05nm
[Grating]: 1800 lpm
[Resolution]: <=0.1nm
[Baseline Stability]: Dynamic, <=0.003Å/30min; Static <=0.002Å/30min
Flame Furnace
[Cu Char. Concentration]: <= 0.02 ppm
[Detect Limit]: 3 μg/L
[Accuracy RSD]: 0.6%
[Combustion Head]: Titanium head & Titanium chamber。50mmand 100mm optinonal can exchange by request
[Position Adjust]: Height and angel adjustable, Hydride/ flame exchange can be done in 1 minute.
Graphite Furnace
[Cd Char. Volume]: 0.3×10^-12g
[Detect Limit]: 0.2×10^-12g
[Temperature Control]: Room Temp to 3000℃
[Accuracy RSD]: <=2%
[Temp Ctrl Process]: Maximum 20 steps temperature raising, single, multiple, constant, three kind of temperature control modes.
[Heating Mode]: Maximum Power Controlled & Light Controlled Ramp
[Ramp Velocity]: Light controlled, 3000℃/sec; power controlled, 2000℃/sec
Background Calibration, Both Flame & Graphite Furnace
[Calibration Mode]: D2 Lamp or Self Absorption (Optional)
[Calibration Ability]: When absorption close to 1.0Ab, tehre are 60 times of background Clibration ability.
Data Processing
[Test Methods]: Flame absorption, Flame emission, graphite, hydride
[Analysis Methods]: Linear, Non-linear, Standard addition
[Printing]: Calibration curve, signal spectrum, instrument parameters, analysis parameters, Analysis result. Can be saved or printed.
Main Body. Standard & Enhanced model have build-in graphite furnace
[Dimension]: 880×540×450 mm
[Weight]: 125kg
[Power Supply]: 220V 50Hz Single Phase
[Power Consumption]: Instrument 200W, graphite furnace 4000W
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