GC-4000A Gas Chromatography

GC-4000A Gas Chromatography

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EWAI GC-4000A Gas Chromatograph (GC), is a highly automated, high-quality and high-efficiency instruments, especially for those who need a lot of testing work and repeat the operations. EWAI after decades of experience, EWAI had accumulated several generations of products and improvements, which are implemented to the GC-4000A. 


Five detectors to choose from: thermal conductivity detector (TCD), flame ionization detector (FID), flame photometric detector (FPD), nitrogen phosphorus detector (NPD), electron capture detector (ECD).

Features a large column oven, which allows up to three columns to be installed simultaneously.

Can be fitted with up to three detectors of any type. In addition, can be fitted with three independent signal processing circuits that provide three output signals.

Flexible packed and capillary column interface. Capillary columns of many different widths can be installed.

Features a stable temperature control system, with 10 segment programmable temperature control, and over-heating alarm and protection.

Automated back door control helps speed up column oven cooling.

Up to three pressure controlled gas paths are available. As well as digital display of pressure and flow. Pressure flow has a display resolution of 0.1 psi.

Additional available devices: blowback device, pre-cutting device, methane conversion furnace, cracking furnace


Food, beverage, nutrition, pesticides, poisons, forensic, petrochemical, oil, plastics, pharmaceuticals, gas, air pollution, water quality, geology, agriculture (soil), medicine, disease control, biochemistry, organic, compound, cosmetics, perfumes, environmental protection, scientific research, food, new energy, materials science, consumer goods, commodity inspection, and other applications. 

Order Information

Main Instrument

GC-4000A gas chromatography analyzer 

Optional accessories:

TD-01 fast pyrolysis instrument 

UW-950 ultrapure water system 

GH-200 Hydrogen generator

Column Oven
[Column Oven Temperature]: Ambient +5℃ - 400℃
[Temperature Control Accuracy]: ±0.1℃
[Oven Ramp Rates]: 0 - 40℃/min
[Electric Oven Ramps]: 10-step programmable ramp
[Inject Modes]: Split / Splitless capillary columns, inlets,cold heading column
[Over heating protection]: 400℃
[TCD Sensitivity]: S ≥ 5000mv.ml/mg (Toluene)
[FID Limit of Detection]: M≤1×10^-11g/sec(正十六烷)
[ECD Limit of Detection]: M≤1×10^-13g/ml(r-666)
[FPD Limit of Detection]: Mp≤2×10^-12g/s(1605)
[NPD Limit of Detection]: Mn≤5×10^-13g/s,Mp≤1×10^-12g/s
Data Processing
[PC]: Desktop PC
[Printer]: Laser Printer
[Software]: English/Chinese optional, Real-time sampling work station, GC application software
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