RuboSORP Magnetic Suspension Balance

Sorption Analysis Under Very High Pressure

MPN: RuboSORP-700-HR
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RuboSORP Magnetic Suspension Balance allows for high resolution mass determination under high pressure and high temperature conditions by utilizing resistant measurement cells. An industrial micro-balance is located outside of the cell. Thanks to contactless magnetic suspension coupling, mass changes within the pressurized measurement cell can be determined.

When collecting a measurement, the sample whose mass change is being measured is attached to the permanent magnet. The actual position is then detected and controlled via a high per-formance PID controller. In order to establish a free levitation position for the permanent magnet and measurement object, voltage is applied to the electromagnet outside of the measurement cell. This allows the sample mass to be measured under contact free extreme conditions. Load decoupling then allows the object weight being measured to be subtracted for taring or calibrating the corresponding measurement signal. When this decoupling occurs, only the permanent magnet remains in levitation position (zero-point position).

Taring in zero-point position ensures long term stable and drift-compensated measurements. When measuring point is selected, the measurement object is lifted, and the corresponding weight is detected by the microbalance. The measurement object can be a crucible, containing sample materials (measuring of adsorption isotherms, researching material properties, analyzing catalysis etc.). The measurement object can also be a sinker with calibrated volume. In this case, the Magnetic Suspension Balance can be used for high accurate density measurement of the sinker surrounding fluid. The RuboSORP Magnet Suspension Balances is unique because it can measure the mass of two samples at once with maximum quality and efficiency.


Extreme Conditions
The unique measurement principle and high-quality instrumental design ensures measurements within a pressure range of up to 700 bar and a maximum temperature of 400 °C. Additionally, the measurement cell and all its components in contact with fluids are resistant to aggressive and toxic atmospheres.

Simultaneous measurements of two samples
When sample containing crucibles are used for both measurement objects, the Magnetic Suspension Balance simultaneously measure two different sample materials (dual sample version). When one sample crucible and one sinker are used, a combined measurement of material properties and fluid density can be determined.

Viewing Cells The Magnetic
Suspension Balance measurement cell is also available in a viewing cell version which can be used up to a pressure of 400 bar. This allows for the visual observation of fluids and materials inside the measurement cell. This observation provides valuable additional information on topics such as s welling behaviors and VLE measurements (Vapor Liquid Equilibrium).

Integrated Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty
The software which will be used for controlling the RuboSORP Magnetic Suspension Balance contains an integrated calculation of measurement uncertainty according to the GUM guidelines (Guide to the expression of un­certainties in measurement). This allows a more holistic view of the data, the best level of scientific work.

Realistic material measurement via forced flows through sample containers
The Magnetic Suspension Balance can be equipped with a forced flow through the sample crucible which improves interaction between the sample and the surrounding fluid atmosphere.

Please note, this device needs a corresponding gas dosing unit, ideally a dynamic measurement atmosphere (e.g. GDU DYNAMIC series).

Most advanced Magnetic Suspension Balance technology on the market
Our Magnetic Suspension Balance is equipped with unique features, leading to best measurement accuracy as well as a high level of ease of operation. These features include s a self-optimizing Magnetic Suspension Balance controller as well es the using of a fail-safe Ethernet interface.


Generally, the term sorption describes the attachment of particles in a fluid phase, such as liquids or gases, onto the surface of a solid or a liquid.

Automatization of laboratory equipment
Our Gas Dosing systems are the perfect device to achieve a high level of automatization for laboratory equipment. Our clients combine existing or new instruments with our dosing systems to minimize working time and to maximize instrument accuracy. Thanks to our programmable dosing sequences, fully automated dosing steps can be performed overnight or over long periods of time without any need for user interaction.

Catalysis Research
Heterogeneous catalysis is of major interest for several technical processes. For this reason a consistent flow control of corresponding gases is important to ensure the best possible interaction between the catalysts and the reactants. Our customized gas dosing units can be used for the simulation of many possible catalytic reactions.

Foaming of Polymers
Physical foaming is a very important process in polymer production. During production, CO 2 and N 2 are often used as blowing agents. Therefore, stable and accurate controlling of corresponding gas flows is very important. Both of these factors can be ensured by using our dynamically working gas dosing units from the GDU DYNAMIC series.

Calibration Gas Mixture Generation
Our gas dosing units are ISO 6145 compliant and can be used to generate gas mixture compositions. These mixtures exhibit calibration quality gases, which are needed for the calibration of external analytic such as gas chromatographs. Our gas dosing units can be a meaningful alternative to conventional calibration gases obtained from an external supplier.

Order Information

RuboSORP Magnetic Suspension Balance

Model Max Pressure
Temp. Range
Max Load
RuboSORP-150 150 -10 - 400 10 20
RuboSORP-150-HR 150 -10 - 400 1 10
RuboSORP-350 350 -10 - 200 10 20
RuboSORP-350-HR 350 -10 - 200 1 10
RuboSORP-700 700 -10 - 150 10 20
RuboSORP-700-HR 700 -10 - 150 1 10

Fluids Inertgas, Aggressive Toxic Gases, Supercritical Fluids, Flammable Explodable Gases, Gas Mixtures, Vapor

Gas Dosing Units

Model Atmosphere Type Max Pressure Manifold Temp Gas Mixtures Critical Fluids Vapor Dosing
GDU-STATIC-150 Static 150 Room temp      
GDU-STATIC-350 Static 350 Room temp      
GDU-STATIC-350-SC Static 350 200   V  
GDU-STATIC-700 Static 700 Room temp      
GDU-STATIC-700-SC Static 700 200   V  
GDU-DYNAMIC-7 Dynamic 7 Room temp V    
GDU-DYNAMIC-7-V Dynamic 7 200 V   V
GDU-DYNAMIC-150 Dynamic 150 Room temp V    
GDU-DYNAMIC-150-V Dynamic 150 200 V   V
GDU-DYNAMIC-350 Dynamic 350 Room temp V    
GDU-DYNAMIC-350-V Dynamic 350 200 V   V
GDU-STATIC-MIX Static 100 200 V    
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