RGAPro High Pressure Mass Spectrometer Analyzer

RGAPro High Pressure Mass Spectrometer analyzer

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The RGAPro is a residual gas analyzer designed to work with the PCTPro-2000 or any other gas process for real-time compositional analysis of gas sorption and reaction processes.


  • The system uses a 100 to 300 amu quadrupole mass spectrometer with better than 1 amu resolution.
  • The RGAPro is a stand-alone instrument which incorporates a hybrid turbomolecular drag pump and a proprietary gas dosing manifold

[Vacuum]: Hybrid turbomolecular drag pump
[Ultimate pressure]: <1×10^-8 mbar
[Pressure measurements]: down to approximately 1×10^-14 mbar
[Residual Gas Analyzer]: Quadrupole mass spectrometer
[Mass range]: 1 to 100 amu (200 and 300 amu ranges optional)
[Detector]: Faraday cup
[Electron Multiplier]: Optional state-of-the-art, multi-channel, continuous-dynode electron multiplier (EM) for detection down to 1×10-14 mbar with increased longevity and stability
[Gas Sampling]: Proprietary gas sampling manifold
[Pressure range]: allows sampling over the entire vacuum to 200 bar operating pressure range
[Safety]: Built-in valve logic to help prevent potential damage to equipm
[Operating gas]: air or inert gas for operation of pneumatic components – 50 psig
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