GasPro Sievert's Gas Sorption Testing Analyzer

GasPro Sievert's Gas Sorption Testing Analyzer

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The GasPro is based on the Sievert’s method.A sample at known pressure and volume is connected to a reservoir of known volume and pressure through an isolation valve.Opening the isolation valve allows new equilibrium to be established. Gas sorption is determined by difference in actual measured pressure (Pf) versus calculated pressure (Pc).


  • Incomparable versatility: the GasPro operates from vacuum to high pressure (200 bar) on multiple volume gas doser (5 to 1200 ml) to tackle a wide variety of applications. Moreover the GasPro is designed to study sorption of a large choice of gases (Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen,…).
  • Wide range of temperature: the GasPro covers a temperature range from -260 °C to 500 °C with different optional sample holders.
  • Large variety of samples: the GasPro is designed to work on powders (CO2 storage materials, catalysts, MOFs), on fi bers (carbon), on thin films (food and pharmaceutical packagings, electronics), in liquids (CO2 capture solvents), coatings etc…
  • Highly automated: automatic pressure range switching is available between high and low pressure transducers (from 0.001 to 200 bar).
  • The GasPro software includes 15 automated processes for system preparation, sample preparation and 4 types of measurements (kinetics, PCT, cycling kinetics and cycling PCT).
  • Portable equipment: the GasPro is portable and can be combined with other characterization techniques (X-Ray, neutron diffraction, calorimetry).


  • Standard Stainless Steel sample holder for 200 bar and 400 °C
  • Stainless Steel High-temperature sample holder for 100 bar and 500 °C
  • Small/Large sample holders for the best fl exibility against sample size and heterogeneity
  • Liquid sample holder for 100 bar and 400 °C
  • Thin Film sample holder for 100 bar and 400 °C
  • CryoPro for low temperature from -260 °C to 100 °C for 200 bar
  • MicroDoser for very small sample (from 1 to 500 mg)
[Temperature range]: -260°C~500°C
[Operating pressure range]: From vacuum to 200 bar; Pressure regulation
[Pressure measurements]: 4 pressure transducers; Pressure regulation
[Calibrated reservoirs]: 2 high pressure calibrated volumes (Evo version) ;5 high pressure calibrated volumes (E&E version)
[Sorption Gas]: Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen, Argon,Hydrogen, Deuterium, Helium, Oxygen, Neon, Ammonia, n-alcanes from C2 to C6, more on request.
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