S9 Atlantis Optical Emission Spectrometry Spark OES

S9 Atlantis Optical Emission Spectrometry

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S9 Atlantis is the GNR Top Range Laboratory Optical Emission Spectrometer.

The new S9 Atlantis is the result of 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing optical spark emission spectrometers. It can be considered as the top laboratory metal analyser with improved analytical performances, highly flexibility and easy to use. 

Manufactured with the higher quality components, S9 Atlantis is develop for any kind of analytical task. It is well suitable for routine analysis in the process control, for monitoring in quality control as well as in research and development for complex or specific analytical needs. 


S9 Atlantis optical system combines the specific advantages of both photomultiplier tubes and CCD detector systems. 

The spectrometer can mount a cooled table stand and an ultra vacuum optic by an additional turbo-molecolar pump able to grant the highest sensibility for trace elements analysis such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorous and Boron in Steels, Copper, Aluminium and Titanium Alloys.  

S9 Atlantis can be designed with optional MDS optic (Multi Detector System), granting at the same time the best accuracy and the flexibility of elements to be analyzed.


  • Iron & steel alloys and traces 
  • Nitrogen in steel 
  • Aluminum alloys and traces 
  • Copper alloys and traces 
  • Oxygen in Copper 
  • Nickel alloys and traces 
  • Cobalt alloys and traces 
  • Magnesium alloys and traces 
  • Tin alloys and traces 
  • Lead alloys and traces 
  • Titanium alloys and traces 
  • Further Applications upon request 

[Wavelength range]: 120-800 nm
[Focal length]: 750 mm
[Detector]: PMT Detector
[Grating]: High luminosity holographic grating, 3600grs/mm
[Source]: Multi-frequency spark source.
[Power]: 110/220 V AC 16 A 1 KW
[Dimention]: W 60x L 130 x H 120 cm
[Weight]: 250Kg
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