Thermal Analyzer Standards

Standard Metals for Calibration of Thermal Analyzers

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ACTTR Technology brought to you the calibration standard materials (standard metal) for all types of thermal analyzers, including TGA thermogravimetric analyzer, DSC differential calorimeter, differential heat analyzer DTA, calorimetry. High purity and high reliability of the standard metal products, providing you the necessary standard metal material for calibration and verification of instruments. 

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Metal indium In (standard sample) Melting point (equilibrium temperature) 156.60 ° C Melting heat 2845 J / g

Metal lead Pb (standard sample) Melting point (equilibrium temperature) 327.47 ° C Melting heat 2301J / g


Metal tin Sn Melting point (equilibrium temperature) 231.9 ° C

Metal lead Pb melting point (equilibrium temperature) 327.5 ℃

Metal zinc Zn melting point (equilibrium temperature) 419.5 ℃

Metal aluminum Al melting point (equilibrium temperature) 660.2 ℃

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