Böhler Diamond Anvil Gasket microDriller

Micron driller for metal and conductive materials

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Boehler μDrilleris a fully-automated electro-discharge-machine (EDM) system, designed by Almax easyLab(https://www.almax-easylab.com). Böhler microDriller enables the drilling of precision holes in any conductive material. Drilling diameters range from 0.05mm up to 1mm (or more on request).

This system is equipped with an innovative high-precision motorised drilling head resulting in an exceptional centring accuracy of 0.005mm or better. The drilling process is particularly clean and swift allowing batch drilling that only requires minutes of work whilst keeping a very high drilling yield rates.

The drilling tips of the Boehler μDriller are made of very hard WC and are easily interchangeable. This in turn enables the end-user to select various different diameters of drilling. Contrary to other available drilling systems in the market, the interchanging of the drilling tips in the Boehler μDriller does not require any particular skills or additional tools and can be done literally in seconds.

Example of Drilling a 300um Hole

A beautiful 300um is drilled by Boehler μDrilleris


63x positioning microscope for precise positioning drilling hole

Precision X Y platform for positioning accuracy better than 5um

Drilling diameters from 10um to 1mm

Tungsten carbide (WC) electrode drill head

Microcontroller controlled spark discharge control, related drill parameters are availble for setting


Drill accurate holes on thos conductive material, such as steel, rhenium, inconel, BeCu,…).

Drill center hole for sample on the gasket of a diamond anvil.

Order Information

Böhler Diamond Anvil Gasket microDriller

Package included 5 off all 100mm length each with diameters 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5mm

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