Quantima Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Quantima Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy

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The Quantima is at the forefront of a long tradition of excellence in design and engineering.

It is the culmination of feedback on a worldwide basis from both distributors and end users of ICP-OES. The Quantima is the result of team development of the highest interactivity. Its robustness is only superseded by its reliablity and compactness.

It is simple to operate, maintain and service. This instrument raises the standards for truly affordable ICP.


  • Computer control of over 230 instrument parameters 
  • Precise mass flow control of nebuliser, auxiliary and plasma gases
  • The Power and Durability of a free-running 40.68 MHz RF generator which offers the highest efficiency of energy transfer to your sample
  • Thermostatted Optics for unparalleled optical stability 
  • Choice of gratings* to offer better resolution/sensitivity depending on your application
  • Capability to handle difficult matrices such as 40% dissolved salts using the humidifier- eliminating the need for dilution and enhancing trace level detectability
  • Powerful Multi-tasking Windows software
  • Sophisticated auto optimization software
  • Powerful semi quant facility
  • Plasma Cam™ enables user to view plasma from PC
  • PIP - Plasma Integrity Protector significantly decreases chances of a "doughnut" and associated melted torches
  • Inbuilt chiller* means no bulky extra chillers required.
  • Nitrogen Purged optics - vacuum capability without messy regular maintenance of vacuum pumps
  • Ability to directly analyse organics without any oxygen accessories.


Food, pesticides, poisons, forensic, petrochemical, oil, plastics, pharmaceuticals, gas, air pollution, water quality, geology, agriculture (soil), medicine, disease control, biochemistry, organic compounds, compounds, cosmetics, perfume, environmental protection , scientific research, food, new energy, materials science, consumer goods, commodity inspection

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Main Instrument

Quantima Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer


SDS-720 Auto Sample Injector

HG-3000PII Hydride Generator

HF Resistant Sampling

Ultrasonic Nebuliser System

[Optical System]: The sequence Czrny-Turner optical system, climate control mining spectrum box
[Optical Focal Length]: 0.75 m
[Grating]: 1800 lpm
[Detector]: Double PMT photomultiplier
[Resolution]: 4pm
[Plasma Frequency]: 40.68MHz
[Plasma Power]: 1500W
[Argon Consumption]: <11L / min
[Optional device]: Auto sampler, hydride generator, hydrofluoric acid sample specific injection system, ultrasound and other physical and chemical cracker.
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