Optimass 9500 ICP-TOF-MS Inductively Coupled Plasma Orthogonal Acceleration Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer

Optimass 9500 Inductively coupled plasma orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer

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OptiMass 9500 ICP Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ICP-TOFMS) redefines the state-of-the-art in elemental analysis. This second generation bench top ICP-TOFMS overcomes the major limitations associated with quadrupole ICP-MS instrumentation. Detection limits equivalent to those achievable with a quadrupole instrument can be achieved for amu 1 to 260 within seconds. This inherent speed allows higher sample throughput with the use of conventional sample introduction systems.


  • Rapid simultaneous analysis of all elements enables unique retrospective semi-quantitative analysis.
  • Today’s data can be analysed in the future for isotopes not previously considered.
  • New Fingerprint analysis mode allows users to statistically compare spectra from different samples.
  • Mass range of 1 to 260 amu allows analysis of hydrogen isotopes.
  • Packaged USEPA environmental applications.


The ICP-oTOFMS offers the unique feature of powerful etrospective semi-quantitative analysis mode not vailable on any other form of ICP-MS.

The ICP-oTOFMS Semi-Quantitative analysis uses factory defined relative sensitivity factors (RSF) to define the detector response to an unknown concentration of analytes. The simultaneous nature of the OptiMass 9500 allows not only semi-quantitative, but also retrospective semiquantitative analysis (RSQ). 

OptiMass 9500 is a proper instrument for food, pesticides, poisons, forensic, quality,, agriculture (soil), environmental protection, scientific research, new energy, materials science, consumer goods, commodity inspection

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Main Instrument

OptiMass 9500 ICP-oTOFMS


SDS-540 Auto Sample Injector

Hydride Generation

[Plasma Generator]: 27.12 MHz
[Elements]: fast synchronization provide 3Li ~ 92U (1amu ~ 260amu) full mass messages (including all isotopes)
[Double Analysis capability]: both continuous signals (30,000 full MS / s, a resolution of 20ns) and the instantaneous signal a full mass spectrum (single pulse can be analyzed from 0.05 to 104 ion count, sampling rate is 50 times the full MS points / second)
[Quality Resolution]: 1 amu
[Accuracy]: 0.4 amu
[Sample rate]: 100 full MS / hour, the number of elements won't affect its speed, precision and detection limits
[Gate]: Smartgate is selected by the customer simultaneously control up to 16 kinds of disturbance (collection frequency of 1GHz, Ar control up to 1,000,000
[Argon Consumption]: <12L / min
[Optional Device]: sample autosampler hydride generation devices
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