How to Select A Proper Grinder for Tissue Dispersion

Testing Pesticide Residues by Taiwan FDA is a standard method for the analysis of pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits, cereals, dried beans, teas, spices, and other herbaceous plants. In Section 2.1 of the document, the documentation refers to the equipment used to refer to this method.

Usage of High Speed Dispersion Devices

The "high-speed dispersing device" is a device that is relatively flexible in this standard method. According to the instructions in section 2.8 of the document, regarding the preparation of the test liquid:

"Cover the centrifuge tube cap and violently shake it several times to prevent the salt from agglomerating. Then shake it at 1000 rpm with a high-speed dispersing device or shake it vigorously for 1 minute with the hand..."

This process is the major step of separating residual components from the sample. The strength and time of the specimen being oscillated will affect the amount of components. That is, when the oscillation conditions are different, the residual components will not be the same. We knew a person's hand can't reach 1000 rpm, which is 1000 times per minute. This is equivalent to oscillating 16.6 times per second (1000 / 60), which should be close to the capability of the Marvel hero. The result of pesticides to be detected will be quite different between hands and machine.

The Major Factor Influences The Recovery Rate

If the automatic machine can install several centrifuge tubes, and at such a load level, fix the oscillation speed of 1000 rpm, have an oscillation amplitude of 1.25 in (3.2 cm), and the operation can be fixed in 1 minute. If the above-mentioned causes are uncontrollable, it is no different from the way of hand-shake and non-constant control of the degree of separation.

Find a "High-speed Dispersing Device"

Find a high-speed dispersing device that can carry several centrifugal tubes, and its motor output will automatically adjust according to the load (control motor running current), and it can oscillate at 1000 rpm with an oscillation amplitude of 1.25 in (3.2 cm). The speed is continuously oscillated for 1 minute. In this way, the force of the homogeneous stone in the centrifuge tube and the total number of impacts of the impact will be exactly the same as those mentioned in the standard method. The degree of material precipitation in the sample will be similar. Even the same.

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