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The thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) is a technique that measures the relationship between the mass of a substance and the temperature under program-controlled temperature. Most materials will be accompanied by changes in quality during the heating process. This change process is helpful to study the changes in material properties. The physical changes of substances such as melting, volatilization, and adsorption help to study the chemical changes of materials such as dehydration, dissociation, oxidation, and reduction.

Themys TGA


The thermal differential analyzer (DTA) is a testing technique that measures the relationship between the temperature difference between a substance and a reference substance and the temperature or time under program temperature control. When the same amount of heat is given to the measured substance and the reference substance, the temperature rise will be different, and the material properties can be obtained by measuring the temperature of the two. The curve obtained by taking the temperature difference between the reference material and the sample as the ordinate and the temperature as the abscissa is called the DTA curve.

Labsys evo 示差掃描量熱儀


Differential scanning calorimeter DSC measures the temperature difference ΔT between the sample and the reference under the same amount of heat given to the sample and the reference to obtain the sample heat difference ΔQ. The following formula shows the relationship between the two and the heat capacity C (referred to as heat capacity):

Setsys evo 示差掃描量熱儀
Setsys evo 示差掃描量熱儀


The thermogravimetric analyzers, thermal differential analyzers, and differential scanning calorimetric analyzers described above, in addition to separate analysis, can also be combined together for simultaneous analysis, referred to as Synchronous Analyzer (STA), that is, the thermal differential analysis ( DTA) or Parallax Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) functions are combined to obtain three kinds of data at the same time, ensuring reliable results and simple data interpretation every time.

96Line 大容量同步熱分析儀
96Line 同步熱分析儀 樣品容量大


The thermomechanical analyzer (TMA) is a technology that tests the relationship between the deformation of a substance under a non-vibrating load and the temperature under program temperature control, that is, under a certain static load, it detects what happens to the sample during heating or cooling. Expansion, contraction, puncture, stretching or bending deformation and its deformation amount.

Setsys evo 熱機械分析儀
Setsys evo 熱機械分析儀

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