The hotplate is a necessary heating device for chemical laboratories, biomedical laboratories, and materials laboratories. Compared with other heating equipment, the operation of the hotplate is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap, and the temperature can reach the high temperature of five or six Baidu. Power Technology sells various types of hotplate products, please contact ACTTR, and we will have someone to serve you.

The material of the hotplate panel will affect the heating rate, cleaning and maintenance convenience, as well as acid / alkali resistance. The general design of hotplate panel is typically aluminum panels, which has better thermal conductivity and lower cost. However, in other respects, aluminum panels are perfect. The aluminum plate itself is easily oxidized, and a layer of alumina is formed on the surface, thereby protecting the inside from further oxidation. However, this layer of alumina tends to stick to other substances easily and it'snot easy to clean, and may cause uneven heat conduction.

The ideal design is to apply a layer of material on the surface to protect the aluminum plate and make the hotplate easier to clean and maintain. A generally ideal design is to coat a layer of ceramic material. Ceramic materials have high hardness, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high density. They are not easy to stick to other materials, and are relatively easy to clean. At the same time, the specific heat coefficient is slightly increased to make the heat distribution more uniform.

The heating power of the hotplate is also an important reference index. If the power of the heater is insufficient, when the contact area of ​​the sample is large and the heat is taken away faster, the hotplate will not reach the highest specification of the equipment. Temperature, which is why some low-cost hotplate can't heat up to the highest temperature.

Others like turn on timer, turn off timer, timer for constant temperature period, or programmable gradient temperature control function, can make the hotplate more maneuverable. The person can not always stay next to the hotplate, and the device will automatically complete the heating work. Long and detailed heating requirements, these features can improve operational efficiency.

However, the above functions, because the personnel will not be waiting at the machine, therefore, the safety design of the machine is the most important basic requirement. In addition to the basic over current and short circuit protection, the mechanical over-temperature protection device will ensure that the electronic temperature control mechanism can still operate normally on the final safety line under the condition of failure and loss of control. After the machine is under dry heating and the temperature rises rapidly to the limit, the power supply is cut off immediately to avoid the risk of fire.

Although the hotplate is a simple heating device, the risk is often hidden in the subtle, and you should be careful when purchasing a suitable hotplate.

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