Setline Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC

Setline Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC

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Setline is ideal for work in Academia and Quality Control environments. With both DSC and STA instruments, and auto-sampling versions, Setline is:

Easy to use:

  • Suited to diverse academic and industrial fields. 
  • Compact, robust and space efficient. 
  • Focussed on core needs for ease-of-use. 
  • Auto-sampling across multiple experiments. 

Easy to own:

  •  Our Technical and Application support ensures fast, expert advice on all questions. 
  • Simplified maintenance and a Replacement Parts  



  – Regular crucibles

     We offer a range of crucibles designed to ensure good thermal transfer between the sample and the sensor – Alumina, Aluminum (30 and 100 μl).

  – High pressure crucibles

Incoloy and Gold plated Incoloy (30 μl) for high pressure capability: the High Pressure Incoloy crucibles deliver unmatched High Pressure capability (up to 500 bars / 7 250 psi, 600 °C) while the DSC sensor itself remains at atmospheric pressure. 


There are three types of sub-ambient cooling devices:

  • Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Manual cooling accessory for DSC and DSC+ operating from -170 to 400 °C 
  • Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Automated cooling accessory for DSC and DSC+ operating from -170 to 400 °C 
  • A cryothermostat cooling device for intermediate temperature ranges for DSC: 

           -70 °C to 200 °C under a flow of Helium

           -50 °C to 400 °C under a flow of Argon, Nitrogen or dry Air


  • Temperatures and enthalpies of melting and crystallization 
  • Glass transition temperatures of polymers 
  • Heat of curing / degree of curing of polymers 
  • Oxygen Induction Time of polymers 
  • Purity of chemicals using the Van’t Hoff method 
  • Materials decomposition and thermal stability

[Temperature range]: -170~700℃
[Scanning rate]: 0.01~100 K/min
[Enthalopy accuracy]: 0.8%
[Temperature accuracy]: 0.07℃
[Crucibles]: 30μl~100 μl; aluminum, alumina, incoloy, etc.
[Cooling system]: 170 °C to 400 °C (Liquid Nitrogen Accessory);-70 °C to 400 °C (Cryothermostat)
[Autosampler]: 66 position(Setline DSC+)
[Pressure]: High pressure crucible (up to 500 bars / 7255 psi at 600 °C)
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