VTMR Crosslink Density NMR Analyzer

NMR Method for Crosslink Density of Rubber

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VTMR Rubber Crosslink Density Analyzer combines the sample temperature control system and NMR analyzer, which enables the environmental temperature control, in the physical properties of samples over a wide temperature range and rates of change. VTMR can be used for food, energy, organic materials and other areas of research. In addition, the model VTMR20-010V-I added the MRI capability, and allows user to read the images of the rubber samples, and observe the oil and water separation, or the 1H hydrogen protons separation in the sample, and obtain the curing and aging characterizations.


  • Compact design, good for either research or industry quality control usage. 
  • Magnet type: permanent magnet; 
  • Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T; 
  • Probe coil: Ø10mm; 
  • Sample temperature range: Room Temperature up to 150°C; 
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 1400mm×670mm×1070mm; 
  • Weight: 330Kg; 



Determination of crosslink density of rubber and other polymers (Physical crosslinking , chemical crosslinking)

Quality control of Polymer products

Quality inspection of Polymer aging process

Rubber vulcanization process and

Formulation Research

Determination of moisture content and moisture distribution in the solid matrix

Curing and aging process characterization for Thermosetting resin

Determination of the activation energy for Thermosetting resin

Environmental response material transformation process of hydrophilic and hydrophobic

Composites multiphase system compatibility

Crystallization kinetics

Block copolymer hard / soft segment

Content molecular motion study

Determination for fluorine content

Determination for rubber content and plasticizer in the polymer

Rubber micro fractures, 2D crosslinking density uniformity

Order Information

VTMR20-010V Rubber Crosslink NMR Analyzer

VTMR20-010V Rubber Crosslink NMR & MRI Analyzer

[Magnet type]: Permanent magnet;
[Magnetic field intensity]: 0.5±0.08T;
[Probe coil]: Φ8.5mm×H20mm;
[Sample temperature range]: 35-150℃;
[Dimension (LxWxH)]: 1400mm×670mm×1070mm;
[Weight]: 330Kg;
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