iSBS Biosample Banking Vacuum RF Sealer

Biosample Seal in Small Segments

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iSBS is a total biosample banking solution that automatically vacuum-seals samples such as blood, urine, ascite, cerebrospinal fluid and pleural fluid, semi-permanently for purposes such as disease research, drug research, disease tracking, backup, etc.

Different from the traditional sealing and segmentation method with vacuum tube, iSBS packages biosamples in a specially designed VacTube, and can segment the VacTube into up to five segments or less, in which producing the volume of 165uL, 205uL. 280uL, 425uL, or 875uL.  For extracting the sample, one only need to cut out one of the segment, and then leave the remaining specimens or samples back to the freezer. The process is clean and the transfer process doesn't need a needle which can reduced the risk of accident.

VacTube is made from non-toxic, medical grade PVC, and it is sterilized with ethylene oxide gas. When sampling with VacTube, setup the VacTube onto a micro pipette, as a pipette tip, in order to aspirate the biosample. The micro pipette is then placed into iSBS machine along with the VacTube. iSBS will then seal the VacTube by RF radio and separate the tube into at most 5 segments. During the process, the sample will not be touched, and when the sample section is divided, the radio frequency technology will not generate heat. This process will not affect, nor damage the sample characteristics.  With 500 biosamples can be made within one hour, very efficient. And the VacTube can withstand a storage environment of -86 ° C at its lowest temperature.


  • Semi-permanent storage of specimen(sample) using vacuum seal
  • Sample tube barcode label system
  • Total solution that includes sample tracking software
  • One-of-a-kind system
  • Use of radio-frequency instead of heat-sealing ensures sample is preserved

Advantages of iSBS

# Conventional Sample Storage iSBS Advantages
Aliquot Manual aliquoting of sample to each tube Automatic vacuum sealing of sample Time and cost saved
Quality Possible contamination and oxidation of sample Initial sample quality maintained until use Semi-permanent quality and immutability of sample
Management Difficult to quickly find desired sample Effective sample management through label system and management program Systematic management of sample allows for quick tracking
Space 32,000 tubes or vials in 600L refrigerator Up to 32,000 samples each of 5 segments in 600L refrigerator, total 160,000 segments 5 times space utilization
Speed Depends on the ability of the technician and sample 500 segments per hour Time and labor saved

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iSBS Biosample Banking Vacuum RF Sealer

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