TCi thermal conductivity

TCi thermal conductivity Analyzer

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The TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer represents the third generation of the patented technology and expands the capabilities of this rapid, non-destructive thermal conductivity and effusivity testing instrument to a whole new level. Designed to provide simple, highly accurate thermal characterization for lab, quality control and production environments, the TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer requires no calibration or sample preparation. The system has broad testing capabilities (0.0 to 220 W/mK) in a wide range of temperatures (–50˚ to 200˚C).

The TCi is based on the modified transient plane source technique. It uses a one-sided, interfacial, heat reflectance sensor that applies a momentary, constant heat source to the sample.

Both thermal conductivity and effusivity are measured directly and rapidly, providing a detailed overview of the thermal characteristics of the sample material.


  • Fast, Accurate Testing  0 to 500 W/mK in seconds
  • Wide Temperature Range  -50o to 200oC
  • Easy-to-Use No need Cp ,density value  and no calibration required
  • No Sample Preparation Unlimited sample sizes
  • Non-Destructive Leaves sample intact
  • Versatile  Tests solids, liquids, powders and pastes and have the flexibility to operate in various environmental enclosures - including thermal chambers and glove boxes.
  • Highly Flexible Designed for lab, QC, and at-line testing


The TCi has a wide range of applications in characterizing metal hydrides, explosives/energetics, nanomaterials (SWCNTs / MWCNTs), polymers, nuclear materials, thermal interface materials (electronics), heat transfer fluids, ceramics, insulation, construction materials, advanced fabrics, and various other materials.

Order Information

  • TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer 
  • Accessories
    - Tenney Jr. Thermal Chamber
    - TCi Compression Test Accessory (CTA)
    - High-Pressure Cell (HPC)
    - TCi Small-Volume Test Kit
[Thermal Conductivity Range]: 0~500 W/mK
[Test Time]: 0.8 to 5 seconds
[Minimum Sample Testing Size]: 0.67" (17mm) diameter
[Maximum Sample Testing Size]: Unlimited
[Minimum Thickness]: Nominally 0.02" (0.5mm), dependent on thermal conductivity of material
[Maximum Thickness]: Unlimited
[Temperature Range]: -58º to 392ºF (-50º to 200ºC)
[Precision]: Better than 1%
[Accuracy]: Better than 5%
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