TCi Thermal conductivity

TCi Thermal conductivity (TLS)

Stock Status: On The Way


C-Therm offers an economical and practical solution for measuring thermal conductivity of semi-solids with the C-Therm TCi

Thermal Conductivity Analyzer TLS configuration. Transient Line Source (TLS) sensors, commonly referred to as “needle

probes”, provide a robust and efficient solution for measuring the thermal conductivity of granular materials, powders, polymer

melts, soils, slurries, gels, and pastes. C-Therm’s TLS sensors operate in accordance with several industry standards

including ASTM D5334, D5930 and IEEE Std 442-1981.

The TLS configuration can be offered as a stand-alone product or can be bundled together with C-Therm’s proprietary MTPS

capabilities for maxium versatility in thermal conductivity characterization.

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