Labsys evo DSC/DTA

Labsys evo DSC/DTA

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Simplicity of use: thanks to both an ergonomic design and the dedicated market leading Calisto software, LABSYS evo is user friendly and intuitive to operate - Wide temperature range: TGA with simultaneous DTA or DSC and Cp measurement can be achieved for temperature up to 1 600 °C - High Precision Cp Measurement: the unique 3D (Calvet type) multiple thermocouples design enables large mass to be measured and to perform a Cp within 2 % , throughout the whole temperature range (ambient – 1 600 °C) - New top loading balance: the unmatched stability, reproducibility and accuracy of this new balance offer unparalleled TGA dataNEW! LABSYS evo TGA, TGA-DSC, TGA-DTA is available with an Auto Sampler (30 samples and 6 references)


‧LABSYS evo offers a “Plug & play” gas analyzer coupling device,enabling simultaneous MS and FTIR connections. The coupling device is heated up to 300 °C to avoid any gas condensation and is complete ly insulated for a safe handling.

‧A NEW auto sampler system is available for Labsys evo TGA, TGA-DSC, TGA-DTA providing 30 samples and 6 references possibilities.


With its wide temperature range (ambient to 1600 °C ) LABSYS evo has a wide range of applications for DSC/DTA, TGA, simultaneous TGA-DSC/DTA, Cp measurements. Various fields of application are possible including polymers and plastics, advanced materials, pharmaceutical compounds, inorganic substances, thermodynamics (Specific Heat Capacity Cp precision within 2 %), energy, etc.

View the application notes in your field, available for download, by visiting our Application Library area. We have also included a powerful search engine that will enable you to find the most applicable data.

[Temperature range]: RT~1600℃ or RT~1150℃
[Scanning rate]: 0.01~100 K/min
[DSC Resolution]: 0.4 µW / 10 μW
[Cp Accuracy]: <2%
[Autosampler]: 30 samples and 6 references 4-prong gripper
[Vacuum]: 10^-1 mbar
[Gases]: Two inlets for gas scanning (inert or reactive) OR 3 carrier gases (option) (MFC from 4 to 200 ml/min) + 1 auxiliary or reactive gas (MFC from 0.3 to 16 ml/min)
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