FT-IR Rocket 2-12

FT-IR Rocket Fibered Fourier Transform Spectrometer

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The FT-IR "Rocket" is a small-footprint, lightweight, high performance and robust FT-IR spectrometer. It offers high resolution and sensitivity thanks to the use of thermo-electrically cooled MCT (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride) detectors. Its permanentely aligned interferometer and its solid-state reference laser ensure that the highest performance is delivered at every scan. The system has high stability in both wavelength and intensity scales, making it an ideal tool for highly reproducible chemiometrical analysis. The FT-MIR and FT-IR are also used by many of our customers for characterizing infrared lasers.


  • Compact (world Smallest FTIR)
  • High resolution 4cm-1
  • Peltier cooled MCT detector
  • USB connectivity


This product is suitable for physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, pharmacology, geology, and other related applications and related industries, in the quality control processes. And it's very suitable in the application of chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, beauty, cosmetics,pharmaceuticals, skin care products, food, beverages, alcohol (wine), light industry, building materials, environmental protection, etc., those fluid, liquid products, samples, in quality control, quality approval.
[Beam-spliter Material]: ZnSe
[Spectral Range]: 5000 - 830 cm-1 (Equivlent to 2-12 um)
[Detector Type]: MCT (2-TE cooled) >2 x 109 cm Hz1/2 W-1
[Signal-to-Noise]: > 1
[Recommended fiber]: PIR (polycrystalline) (fibers usuable wavelength range
[Interferometer type]: Permanentely aligned, double retro-reflector design
[Resolution]: 4 cm-1 (unapodized)
[Accuracy]: <0.1 cm-1 @ 2000cm-1 (wavenumber)
[Repetability]: <0.02 cm-1 @ 2000cm-1 (wavenumber)
[Scan frequency]: 1 spectrum every 2.5s (interferogram averaging mode)
[Control Laser]: Temperature-stabilized Solid-state laser @850nm
[A/D Converter]: 24 bit
[Operating Temperature]: 10°C-40°C
[Fiber-optic interface]: SMA 905 Fiber core Ø up to 1mm NA=0.25
[Power Requirement]: 7.5V/1.6A
[Communication Interface]: USB 2.0 (optionally Ethernet)
[Software Interface]: Windows XP/7/8 API for controlling the instrument via our DLL
[Dimensions]: 180mm x 160mm x 80mm
[Weight]: 1800 g
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