Nanoptic90 Plus High Sensitivity Nano Particle Size Analyser

Measure Nano Scale Particle from 1nm to 9.5 um

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Nanoptic 90 Plus is a nano-particle analyzer based on dynamic light scattering technology. Applicable to analyzing of nano-particle materials, Nanoptic 90 can achieve the measuring lower limit of 1nm. High-power laser light source and high sensitivity ADP from British ET provide rapid and accurate testing results.


  •  Less than 5 minutes per test 
  • A small quantity of sample required – 0.25~1ml sample cell volume available 
  • High-precision temperature control system provides the accuracy of ±0.5°C 
  • Intuitive software interface

[Theory]: Dynamic light scattering
[Size Range]: 0.4~9500nm
[Accuracy]: ≦1%(GBRM D50)
[Analysis Mode]: Cumulant、multi peaks and CONTIN
[Detector]: APD
[Scattering angle]: 90°
[Laser]: 20mW 635nm solid laser
[Dimention]: 490x310x230mm
[Interface]: USB2.0 or USB3.0
[Operation system]: Win7,8,10
[Weight]: 14Kg
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