UC UV-Ozone Cleaner

UC Series UV-Ozone Cleaner provides the ideal tool for obtaining ultra-clean surfaces simply, cost-effectively and quickly.

Stock Status: On The Way


UC Series UV-ozone cleaner is a rapid surface cleaning tool. It can remove organic pollutants from most inorganic substrates (such as quartz, silicon wafers, gallium arsenide, alumina, glass, ceramics, metals etc...).


  • The distance between the sample stage and UV lamp can be adjusted.
  • Efficient, high-power low-pressure quartz mercury lamps
  • Long life low pressure mercury grille lamp, long lamp life.
  • UV lamp will automatically turn off when the clean room is opened
  • Easy to operate, with built-in microcomputer controller
  • Space-saving, integrated design of control and reaction chamber
  • Provide customized solutions, including custom vacuum reaction chambers and heated sample stages.
  • Equipped with a UV lamp timer to calculate the usage time of the lamp.

[Lamp power]: 300W
[Lamp life]: ≧8000h
[Lamp shape]: U-shaped
[Lamp wavelength]: 185nm+254nm
[Cleaning area]: max. 8 inches
[Irradiation height]: 35mm
[Fan speed adjustment]: 5-stage speed adjustment
[Cleaning time]: up to 99.99h
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