PT Small Plasma Cleaner

PT Series small plasma cleaner is a surface cleaning equipment specially developed for small batch samples.

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Plasma plasma cleaner, the basic working principle is that in a vacuum state, inert gases such as argon are introduced into the equipment cavity, and plasma is formed under the action of a high-frequency alternating electric field. Under the dual physical and chemical effects of plasma, the objects to be cleaned turn residual volatiles, impurities, dust, oxides, etc. on the surface into ions or gaseous substances. These ions or gases are discharged from the cavity under the extraction of the vacuum pump. , peeling off the surface of the object to be cleaned, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning and achieving effects that cannot be achieved by ordinary cleaning methods. Using this plasma cleaning method can improve the adhesion and wettability of materials, remove different types of contaminants and impurities, and lay a good foundation for subsequent processes.

PT500 small plasma cleaner is a surface cleaning equipment specially developed for small batches of samples. It has compact equipment and large vacuum chamber capacity, and is suitable for laboratory environments; the cleaning process will not generate high temperatures to avoid thermal deformation of the product; it can be processed Cleaning a variety of materials, such as metals, semiconductors, oxides or polymer materials, with a wide range of applications.


  • Using radio frequency and one-button control.
  • Low-temperature plasma has low energy and high density, and is suitable for processing special materials.
  • There is no environmental pollution, no chemical consumption, and the machine itself does not produce pollutants.
  • It can process materials with complex shapes and has good surface treatment uniformity.
  • Wide applicability and can handle various materials and shapes.
  • No damage to the processed products and wothout change in material properties.
  • Suitable for 4 inches substrates .

[Chamber material]: stainless steel
[Power]: AC220V
[RF power]: 0-500W adjustable
[RF frequency]: 25KHz
[Vacuum degree]: <100Pa
[Gas channel]: single channel
[Gas flow]: 0.1~1l/min (adjustable)
[Cleaning time]: 0~999 seconds continuously adjustable
[Inner chamber dimension]: 147mm*145mm*165mm
[Plate dimension]: 90mm*110mm
[Outside dimensions]: 452mm*340mm*225mm
[Weight]: 18KG
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